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Latest Projects

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products in our Environment

This project will consist of a series of factsheets on different PPCPs, backed by academic literature and designed with the general public in mind. I hope to create databases on Australian products and provide environmentally friendly alternatives or remedies to allow informed decision making when purchasing, using and disposing of PPCPs. 
Status: Preparing material for website
Presence & Persistence of Cocaine & Metabolites in Freshwater Systems

This project constitutes the thesis component of my Master of Research degree. Pending outcome, publications may follow in 2021. 
Status: Thesis Examined. Preparing Manuscript for Submission
2017 - 2019
Illicit Drugs on Picnic Tables

Managed and Supervised by Dr Jason Reynolds, this project involved sampling the surface of picnic tables across Sydney for traces of illicit drugs. Field and Lab work was conducted in June 2017. 

Status: Preparing Manuscript for Submission

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